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Exam schedule for 2015 year

DateExamExam name
115.01.2015Krok МObstetrics
215.01.2015Krok МMedical Profilaxy
303.02.2015Krok 2Laborarory diagnostics
411.03.2015Krok 1Stomatology (With retakes of previosly failed exams in Kyiv)
524.03.2015Krok 3Stomatology
624.03.2015Krok 3General Medical Training
719.05.2015Krok 2Medicine
826.05.2015Krok 2Stomatology
926.05.2015Krok 2Pharmacy
1003.06.2015Krok МGeneral Medical Training
1103.06.2015Krok BLaborarory diagnostics
1209.06.2015Krok MNursing
1209.06.2015Krok BNursing
1423.06.2015Krok 1Medicine (With retakes of previosly failed exams in Kyiv)
1530.09.2015Krok 1Pharmacy (With retakes of previosly failed exams in Kyiv)
1610.11.2015Krok 3General Medical Training
1710.11.2015Krok 3Stomatology

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1. Aim of this site

This site is amateur questions database of medical exam "Krok".
It is unofficial and exists here solely to help you but not to inform you officially.
You can:
1. Study free of charge as much as you want.
2. Freely estimate the knowledge and predict your exams points using booklet from previous year.
2. Save on paper and on other expenses for paper carriers, phone calls, copying, printing, etc.
3. Pick questions for classes, pick answers for tests with unknown-answers material.
5. Study questions on any hand-held device with WiFi, the interface of this site designed for this.

2. Official site of «Krok»

Official site for exam is testcentr.org.ua. About testkrok.org.ua - no promises are given! Misuse of this site is upon your concern! (For example, cribbing the tests through your phone right on exam!)
Site cannot be the proof of correctness of your answers, here we have unwilling errors, one can't promise that all is correct!

3. What the idea of «Krok» exam?

This exam is your external quality assestment made by ministry, not by university. This means that if you fail exam, you are not legitimate to be educated at the university due to your insufficient knowledge level, or due to university gave you insufficient knowledge level. Suppose, in general, university may be wishing but has no right to educate you.

4. What the word «Krok» means?

From ukrainian language "krok" means "step". Due to the nature and subsequent steps of this exam it carries this name. For example, ukrainian students pass this exam in 3 steps, so they have Крок 1, Крок 2, Крок 3. You will have only two steps, Krok 1 (within or after 3rd course), Krok 2 (within or after 5th course).
Крок М (Magister level) and Крок Б (Bachelor lever) are for nurses only.

5. Why I can't download booklets?

Lots of sites will copy them and sell them for SMS payments or tease folks with fileshares, stating they are helping. My aim is to collect everything in one plase and give it for free with collected statistics.

6. Why some of materials are missing here?

1. This is enthusiasm driven project, if any of free time is avaliable, I occasionaly improve or develop this site.
2. You can help matters go faster if you upload missing materials, indicating in comments what they are. Such things will be added to site.
3. You can even send other tests, even not from Krok, if they with one answer and have a-b-c-d-e variants. These will help as well, just send in comments which department of which university issued them, to facilitate for other students to find them.

7. Who is Proctor?

"Procurator" - literally a person who acts on behalf of another organization "pro curare", here - the official representative of the Center for testing. The duties of Proctor is providing supervision of students during the exam. For example, in the case of the test "Krok" students and representatives of institutions are interested in the good result of exam completion, Proctor supervise two sides, elsewere in cases of cheating no appropriate attention will be given. Proctor from Test Center - employees under the labor contract with seasonal work, usually living in Kyiv. Tasks of Proctor go to institution, track a certain lecture halls with exam of a small group of students and be back with sealed envelopes of responses sheets by the same day.

8. What is the student's identification number?

Each student is assigned Test Center's internal identification number that identifies the student in the Test Center's database during all supposed examinations. Identification number is written on the individual booklet, also identification number is written on the checklist with your answers. Identification number on the booklet is required for reverse binding of checklistexamination booklet in case of manual need to check typographical flaws in a specific booklet.

9. How preparation for exam looks like in University?

General alphabetical list of faculty formed after university gives lists of students to Test Center, in accordance with which students are allocated with portions by lecture halls. Before the test, usually some meetings could be held where the Dean presents the "Krok" exam, its necessity and inevitability, giving you advices and trainings (or giving time for self preparation). Any organizational issues settled, the distribution of students by lecture rooms announced etc. Methods of preparation that university could give you are quite different - it can be computer testing, blanks testing lectures, simulation test in close to real circumstances, organizing pre-exam holidays for several days for self training. Main idea - to inspire a kind of "nervous trembling" before the test making students self-training in more "faster" pace. Take care - university may not give you appropriate training conditions, thus this site is to your service free of charge 24/7! Exam "Krok" is a kind of academic threshold, which may give university power not to admit students for exam. Sometimes, departments within university prepare students to pass "Krok" by tests from their studying profile during the year.

10. How to get prepared or «help me! What materials to study first?»

How you preparation may look like to avoid unnecessary moves?

Lets say you're passing Krok in 2013 year, first of all pass booklet of 2011 year at limited time of 3 hours and estimate your real chances. Find time and place at the morning, the earlier - the better, when nobody will be distracting you and you will have better productivity of work.

Don't use books, don't search answers in Internet, let nobody hint or distract you, thats for your own good - you need fair estimation to see what you are really capable off.

If you scored 80-100% - you're super dude and you don't have to worry about forthcoming exam. In average you will need 2-3 days of preparation. Turn this trick with few more booklets of previous years at any time you want just to be self confident. You will find that many questions are the same from year to year, if questions aren't the same - they are of the similar patterns. Be aware: allow 10-20% of your exam score change in worst side of course :) on real exam. Now, if time allows you, start studying bases of subjects you know the worst and leave for later bases of subjects you know better. Don't touch 2012 booklet, pass it on the day before exam to see if you progressed.

If you scored 60-79%, congrats, you're the golden middle, most probably you will pass, but to be sure, you definitely need training! Avarage time for your preparation will take 5-8 days, Start studying bases of difficult to you subjects, allocate 4 hours at the mornings, use late evenings time for being out of the home. Pass one or two bases per day, don't go more than 200-250 questions per day - thats not efficient and you will loose interest, use one-two hour brake during test between bases. Better use 'training mode' try to think upon each question, but I gave you a choice, you may pass base as an exam. Other half of day have you time, use it healthy somehow else - forest walk, swimming, football, sports, jogging etc.

Below 59%? Poor you are... Unless threshold is 50.5% for most of Krok exams, suppose even 55% is fail and scored as mark "E" in most of the educational institutions around the world. Even if you will have training, it's hard to promise completion of this exam. Allow 10-20% of your exam score change in worst side. Allocate 10-14 days and 4 hours at the beginning of each day for studying. The principle are the same as described in above paragraph. But, in addition, make exam on each topic after you did training. Write on paper and fix it on a wall so called "preparation plan" where you allocated time as was mentioned. Well, to calm down, surround yourself with chocolate sweets, nuts, whatever usefull for brain may be and give slow start.

Now, the day before exam, simulate the real exam in isolated strict conditions, of course, better - morning, but it's up to you, and use booklet of previous year, in this example 2012. The percent score you will get is your almost reliable score tomorrow. By the way, you may compare booklets 2011 and 2013 to see how you progressed.

Any time, Don't forget to make brakes on you studying. Don't use computer for more than 3-4 hours, that's not efficient. Make a brake for an hour or two, just go out for a walk.

11. Why this site is so slow?

During days close to exams site gets more than 250.000 hits per day. Thats a maximum it can handle. Try to get ready in time, don't withdraw everything on the last day, the site may be badly accessible two days before exam.

12. You should be aware of...

You should be aware of people who are trying to sell you booklet saying that these tests are to be asked on exams next day. Most probably these could be randomly selected tests, self printed edition and so on... try not to risk, better pass few booklets from databese, and you will be ok!

13. Search in database

Quetions search was created to assist you to find the database version of answer if not sure what to answer or what you answered. Service can be used as tool to pick thematic questions from Krok for the topics you currently learning. The underscore symbol "_" is used to substitute any unknown symbol. To prevent massive cheating, the service will not be avaliable during dates of exams. This site states itself as free and fair assistanse, the search mostly disabled on sheduled exams days. Dont count on it.

14. Some of questions are wrong in database!

Base was made on automatic parsing of questions, so, errors are mostly inherited from original topics. Really sorry for that, indeed, very hard to catch them all. If not bothered so much, please, checkbox under question that it is incorrect.

15. Do we have to check wrong, but database version of answer or variant which is supposed to be correct on exams?

Yes, database may have errors, thus, two opinions on that point:
1. Some cases known that students intentionally used to check wrong answers so they will be scored correctly, thus, thinking that question which was taken to the booklet with its incorrectness from database. As later was revealed, the variants were reconsidered and printed correctly before edition of booklet. (Dentistry, Крок 1, 2010 or 2009 y)
2. Some of the answers are too localized to Soviet or Ukrainian medicine, some may have logic medical errors. Some may be strange to you. Consider, in this form they can be selected to the booklet unchanged. As conclusion, don\'t cram material, try to understand prototypes of asked questions, their patterns an so on. This is the aim of preparing on this site.

16. I have error revisiting bookmarked page with test that session has expired

Session validity - 2 h 40 m. If no activity within period or browser closed - session is deleted. Leave opend page for no more than 2 h if you want to have brake. Session restre point is under development.

17. Can I see my stat data on running quizz?

You can, just click under the question body to see table with statistic data. You may also press green hint icon in the right top corner. This table is hidden, not to distract your attention. You can affix this table to show it always.

18. Why after selecting the wrong answer correct one not shown at once?

This is done intentionally so after selecting incorrect answers there is still posibility to revise the right answer of the question!